Hch. Kettelhack GmbH & Co. Textilfabrik

KETTELHACK with new outfit

KETTELHACK, one of the leading German producers of single-coloured workwear fabrics is making a new appearance at the forthcoming A+A. By reason of the international trade fair “Safety + Health at work” KETTELHACK is starting a new motto to underline the innovation-leadership of the traditional company. The slogan “For growing demands” is typifying the companies competence in meeting the markets ever growing demands in workwear textiles. “Last but not least in the leasing sector demands on fabric quality for workwear and Corporate Fashion are growing continuously”, explains Hans-J. Ulmer, Marketing- and Sales-Director of KETTELHACK.

KETTELHACK is focusing on its core competences: “Straightforwardness, perspicuity and reliability are of growing importance for our customers, in times of a more and more complex ambience”, says Ulmer. “Ambitious garment producers appreciate the high degree of transparency throughout all our production stages, reproducibility of qualities as well as colours, and our competent sales contact.”

KETTELHACK is serving the growing demands on textiles for workwear and Corporate Fashion with innovative fabric developments. Among other things the company is showing a novel fabric construction of the JobFit range, called PANAMA: PANAMA links fashionable looks with hard-wearing materials and is offering the handicraft- and outdoor-sectors the first time chance for suitable Corporate Fashion. Especially for the high specifications of the leasing sector KETTELHACK developed the blended fabrics “SAPHIR” and “OPAL”. Textiles, combining cost effectiveness with excellent wearing comfort and meeting the new ISO-Standard 15797. This European standard is specifying so-called “Requirements for workwear fabrics”. Textiles will be tested accordingly to this standard, in order to see if they are fit for leasing.

The theme of this year’s stand is – apart the new slogan – the area of KETTELHACK’S location Westphalia. Visitors will find themselves in a typical sidewalk café of the streets of Muenster and they may stroll under arcades. “Westphalia is a stable, down-to-earth and in a positive way conservative region”, says Ulmer. “All these values enabling us until today, to supply a lasting quality to our customers.”