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KEVLAR extends "Power of Performance" solution-based approach to protective apparel

Dupont Kevlar

The DuPon(TM) KEVLAR® team has launched a new approach to the PPE marketplace for hand and wrist protection, to proactively develop and deliver high performance-based solutions for a host of mechanical risks. Feedback confirms that workers' confidence in KEVLAR protective apparel focuses on performance. To address and associate specific industry and end-user needs with the high performance inherent in KEVLAR, DuPont has designed a strong user-oriented brand architecture.

The goal of the brand architecture is to make KEVLAR "Power of Performance" synonymous with extraordinarily strong, lightweight, comfortable protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion. It links the reputation and value of the KEVLAR brand with high-performance, high-quality, finished products and solutions and, as such, marks an important shift by DuPont to an innovative and benefit-intensive market orientation in support of the increasing demand for ever more performing personal protection garments.

High-performance solutions

"We are producing high-performing solutions to meet industry needs across all types of mechanical protection," says Veronique Ruppert-Schmitt, European Marketing Manager (Transportation and Metals), DuPont Personal Protection. "Gloves, protective sleeves and aprons that carry the new KEVLAR Power of Performance label comply with stringent quality and performance standards of the KEVLAR brand quality assurance programme. They are produced only by licensed manufacturers."

These highly resistant garments, which also possess excellent heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, stand up to rough wear and tear and are widely used by workers in the metal fabrication, glass-handling, transportation, computer-assembly and food-processing industries, among others. Unlike other alternatives, the protective performance offered by KEVLAR technology is an integral part of the fibre and lasts the life of the garment. It is not altered by repeated washing or long-term wear. Not only does protective apparel with KEVLAR enable wearers to perform safely in their work environment; it also enables companies to operate a safer, more cost-effective business and boost worker morale.

Industry-specific protection

"In listening to the various industries that benefit from the protection KEVLAR provides, we identified certain industry-specific requirements, which helped us to go further in developing solutions that focus on their special "package" of needs, Veronique Ruppert-Schmitt says. "Advanced testing mechanisms help us to replicate the situations in which these garments will be worn, and so precisely "custom-tailor" their benefits. It enables us to assemble a KEVLAR branded portfolio of offerings."

KEVLAR® Comfort Technology

KEVLAR Comfort Technology is designed for workers who routinely handle small parts and require a high degree of manual dexterity and flexibility, together with protection against cuts and scratches. The highly resistant yet lightweight and form fitting gloves made with KEVLAR Comfort Technology enable the wearer to retain the acute sensitivity of touch and ease of movement that the job requires without the risk of injury from sharp glass, plastic and metal edges. They also improve the worker's grip with working with oily, greasy or wet objects and produce a minimum of lint.

KEVLAR® Clean Technology

KEVLAR Clean Technology is another solution-oriented approach specific to the electronics, painting, plastics and certain food-handling sectors, where a clean, lint free workplace is critical to product quality. The seamless, filament-knit construction of gloves and other garments made with KEVLAR Clean Technology meets the highest standards for freedom from lint and dust, including Category III of the U.S. IES RP-3 89 testing protocol, which defines a contaminant-free environment. KEVLAR* Clean Technology also provides outstanding protection against cuts, gashes and high temperatures.

KEVLAR® Armor Technology

KEVLAR Armor Technology is a technology-based range of solutions aimed specifically at extremely high-risk situations. Gloves and sleeves incorporating this technology offer exceptional protection, providing workers with the maximum level (5) of cut resistance according to EN 388. This development delivers an option not previously available for workers in hazardous environments who require extremely high protection without compromising comfort and ease of movement. KEVLAR* Armor Technology is designed for those who work around machinery with stationary or rotating blades or who handle glass, sharp and jagged metal objects or dangerous abrasives, yet must have the manual dexterity to handle knives and small electronic parts.

KEVLAR® brand assurance programme

All protective garments made with these innovative new technologies conform to strict quality, performance and compatibility standards established by DuPont and are manufactured by KEVLAR Quality Assurance partners. They carry the DuPont KEVLAR Power of Performance label, with clear reference to Comfort Technology, Clean Technology or Armor Technology, which assures both wearers and specifiers that they have the level of protection they need.

Essence of KEVLAR®

This new KEVLAR brand architecture evolved through studying what the KEVLAR brand stands for in the minds of those it protects. It has earned very high levels of acceptance, respect and confidence in a wide variety of end uses, ranging from helmets and vests that offer multi-threat protection to high cut- and slash-resistant protective apparel and peak-performance sportswear and sporting equipment.

What links these diverse end uses is the protection and safety provided to the end user, which enhances his or her performance. This is the essence of the KEVLAR Power of Performance brand architecture, which now extends to KEVLAR protective apparel.

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