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Kappler ready to compete

After a five year hiatus from the industrial protective apparel market, Kappler is re-entering the business it once
dominated. For more than 30 years, Kappler has been a world leader in fabric technology and manufacturing innovation,
providing engineered, non-woven fabrics and apparel for the health and safety needs of people around the world.

In 2001 after many years as a world leader in limited
life protective apparel, Kappler sold exclusive ownership
of its industrial trademarks to DuPont and
become an OEM apparel contractor manufacturing
the previously Kappler owned brands, such as
ProShield® and System CPF®. In so doing, Kappler
entered into a non-compete agreement with DuPont
to refrain from re-entering the industrial and hazmat
markets. While the company continued to produce
Kappler brand apparel for military and healthcare
applications, the Kappler name has not been available
for industrial customers. As of 1 November 2006,
all of that has changed.
All change
George Kappler, Company President, said, “We are
back! The contract manufacturing business was interesting,
but customers convinced us that the Kappler
brand has been sorely missed. People told us that our
commitment to customer service and straightforward
technical support really made a difference and it is
flattering to have so much encouragement to get back
into the business.”
Kappler’s new product offering will include a complete
range of apparel for industrial and hazmat applications,
with special emphasis on mid range and high
end chemical protection based on the company’s
patented technologies. In addition to the Zytron®
range of chemical clothing and ProVent® for general
hazard protection, Kappler will offer a complete
line of accessory and speciality products.

“When I started making protective clothing 30 years
ago, it was a different business – strictly white coveralls,”
says George Kappler. “When we developed technologies
that really kept nasty stuff off workers, it
changed everything. We’re still the innovation leader
and it is exciting to be back in the market on a level
paying field.”
Kappler Inc is located in Guntersville, Alabama,
USA with operations in Canada and the UK. In addition
to branded clothing for industrial, hazmat, military
and healthcare markets, Kappler also provides
custom fabric development and OEM services for a
wide range of customers and applications.
Chemical protection, from the
people who invented it
The concept of an apparel matrix is a Kappler innovation
– a simple system to identify protection levels.
The Zytron® range offers unsurpassed protection with
an easy to use numbering system and distinctly
coloured garments for clear identification.
The simplicity of the numbering system means that
from Zytron 100 at the bottom through to Zytron 500
at the very top, each level of protection is easily identified
according to the level of protection offered. This
means that for the first time in a number of years,
users once again have a wider choice of materials to
choose from to better suit their requirements.
The flagship of the new Kappler line of chemical
protective fabrics and apparel is Zytron® 500. Based
on the patented technology which created the first
material to survive eight full hours against the ASTM
F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough, Zytron 500
is tough and built for mobility. It is the ideal product
for emergency response teams around the world.

Innovation for the modern world
But Kappler innovation does not stop there. The
myriad of hazards being encountered in the modern
world and the requirement by law to ensure that workers
are protected means that even for general hazard
protection correct PPE is required. From basic dirt
to paint spray to blood and viral hazards, Kappler has
a product from its ProVent® range to meet the wearers’
needs. All fabrics in the ProVent® range offer the
benefit of microporous technology, which is another
innovation from Kappler which proved that protection
and breathability are not mutually exclusive.
The ProVent® range of medical apparel has repeatedly
been the first choice of authorities around the
world to protect against healthcare’s deadliest hazards.
To complete the most extensive product range now
available again, Kappler offers a complementary range
of accessories and speciality products. From patented
ChemTape® to an exclusive pressure test kit design,
Kappler offers unique accessory items to complete the
protection equation.
For more information about the return of Kappler
to the industrial and hazmat markets, please visit the
website (www.kappler.com).