Keep yourself updated on what's happening on OSH during the German EU Presidency

The skills, motivation and innovativeness of staff are the economic factors of
the future. For this reason, as part of Germany's EU Council Presidency, the
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will be hosting a conference
entitled "Quality of Work - the Key to More and Better Jobs" on the issue of
corporate culture.

The conference will be organised by the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA).
One of INQA's main focal points is disseminating best practices of
staff-oriented corporate cultures. In these exemplary companies, the value
added is increased particularly by the fact that staff are highly valued and
appreciated. Companies that invest in healthy and competitive jobs are more
successful in the market than others. This was also demonstrated by the
competition entitled "Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber" (Germany's Best
Employers): the 50 best employers in Germany are growing and have hired over 9
percent more staff.

INQA was launched as Germany's contribution towards implementing the Lisbon
Strategy 2002. The goal of the initiative is above all to enhance the quality
of work and to create more and better jobs. Other themes are: demographics,
lifelong learning, physical and psychological effects of excessive work
burdens, new quality of construction and long-term healthcare.

The New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA) is a joint project of the Federal
Government, the Länder, social insurance institutions and the social partners
and associations.

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