Kermel® technical fibre

Kermel® is a technical fibre that ensures very high performance, intended mainly for the production of protective clothing against heat and flames.
The fibre is used to manufacture protective clothing such as turnout gear and stationwear dedicated to fire fighters, police forces, military and industrial users.

Kermel® is a polyamide-imide fibre, classified in the aramid family. It is naturally non-flammable. Kermel® fibre provides excellent thermal insulation, as well as good mechanical resistance and resistance to chemicals. The almost circular cross-section, as well as its low modulus, make it comfortable and very pleasant to the touch.

Kermel® is spun-dyed during the manufacturing process; this special feature makes it possible to achieve lifelong colourfastness. Colours can withstand UV light and washing.
Kermel® fibre does not have pilling, i.e. fabrics continue to look as good as new for a long time.

Kermel® fibres are easily blended with other FR fibres allowing the greatest possibility of fabric blends. Kermel yarns can be woven or knitten into pure aramid fabrics or in blends. Fabrics' weights and constructions vary depending on the end-use.

Successes are numerous, especially in Europe: 100% of the Italian fire fighters are equipped with Kermel turnout gear, British and French riot squads have chosen Kermel V50 products, as well as important industrial sites, to quote only them…