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KiNETA puts the drive into flexible workstations

The future of work is already here. New and more flexible ways of working, such as desk-sharing, are becoming more widespread. And it is for these new workstations that König + Neurath AG has developed the appropriate seating range: KiNETA. A completely new generation of office chairs, specially for today’s flexible workplaces. For situations, in which an individually correct chair adjustment can scarcely be guaranteed. Especially in the service industries – in call centres, advisor workstations, retail environments and reception areas.

i-seating® needs no user`s manual

A badly-adjusted office-chair is uncomfortable, disturbs one’s concentration and in the worst case can even damage one’s health. “Thanks to a specially developed intelligent mechanism, KiNETA adjusts automatically to suit the user, and promotes intuitively correct sitting. At König + Neurath this concept is called i-seating®”.

Simplicity is KiNETA’s trump card

KiNETA truly deserves its name: KiNETA transforms movement into energy. This chair, designed by Simon Desanta, combines unconventional design with technology reduced to an absolute minimum – and a remarkable ease of use.

With KiNETA, the only adjustments are to the seat height and to the armrests. The user’s weight is registered by the Self Control System, which adapts to it. KiNETA automatically follows the movements from the forward to the fully reclining position – and promotes dynamic sitting. This is an important factor in the prevention of back-ache, or even damage to the spinal column.

Overall, this technology opens up new possibilities for improving efficiency since the extremely simple in-use ergonomics enable the user to concentrate on the direct work requirements. For the Karben-based company, one of the leading manufacturers of office solutions in Europe, the introduction of KiNETA is a further step towards enlarging their product range.

The company König + Neurath
The company was founded in 1925 and is now an international, full-range supplier of office furniture, seating and room systems. It is owner-managed by Egon König, has no stock market listing and is therefore independent. On 1st August 2007, Egon König took up a position on the supervisory board and handed over the post of chief executive officer to Dr. Wolfgang Reising. The new management board consisting of Dr. Wolfgang Reising (chairman), Heinz-H. Meyering (marketing/distribution) and Thomas Fehr (production/engineering) will work together to develop a business which in revenue terms is Germany’s leading office furniture brand.

The company currently has three manufacturing sites and seven showrooms, with additional international branches in England and the Netherlands. The company has its headquarters in Karben near Frankfurt am Main, has a workforce of around 1,100 employees and boasts its own wood and metal processing facilities. The extensive product range ensures the highest measure of flexibility with respect to the realisation of individual customer requirements. For many years König + Neurath has been addressing the topic of “ergonomics for the working worlds of the future" which also represents a fixed component of the company’s philosophy. Within the framework of its far-reaching commitments, the company is, amongst its other activities, a partner of the Initiative for Office Ergonomics (I.O.E.).

König + Neurath at the A+A 2007 trade fair in Düsseldorf
Hall 7a, Stand G 22-3