EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

LEO 750 – strong and agile Loads up to 750 kg moved easily and effectively by a single person without effort

The LEO 750 has been designed as a tug and combines EXPRESSO's unique, patented touch2move drive concept with the principles of motorized ‘walkie’ ground transport equipment using pole-shaft control. LEO 750 is fitted with just one sensor handle and one drive motor for optimum manoeuvrability and utmost compactness, permitting convenient and effortless towing of one or more trolleys/carts. This makes handling and parking a piece of cake.
With this trend-setting unit, EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH closes a handling gap that could previously be overcome only by means of bulky transport equipment such as forklifts and electric pallet trucks, or with considerable physical effort using manual pallet trucks. Thanks to LEO 750, the gains in mobility together with saved time and space leads to increased productivity and safety for companies.

The future is here
Simply by touching the sensor handle with integral hand detection, the trolley – with a weight up to 750 kg – ‘obeys’ the operator's natural movements, and automatically adapts to his/her walking speed. This is a highly convenient and safe solution that also enables persons with a less robust constitution to move heavy loads safely and ergonomically without physical effort – and the operator needs neither a driving license nor any special training. What's more, it also improves your employee's motivation, and helps you comply with increasingly strict accident prevention regulations. Another special advantage is the possibility of subsidies from Inclusion Offices, as the patented touch2move sensor concept meets the tough requirements in an impressive manner. The standard equipment of the LEO 750 includes a universal electromechanical coupling that adapts to all conventional load-handling dollies and trolleys. Moreover, the well-known transport equipment supplier provides application-specific solutions in close cooperation with customers. Just two buttons on the sensor handle control the docking/undocking operation.

For an extra plus in safety and ergonomy
As opposed to conventional transport systems, and thanks to its high battery capacity (2 x 50 Ah) and the optional battery exchange system, the LEO 750 is suitable for continuous use – also with maximum loads. Consequently, companies can use the tug flexibly under multi-shift operating conditions.
Not only is the single-handed tug LEO 750 an extremely powerful, but also an exceptionally safe workhorse, because this innovative EXPRESSO product is fitted with a dual braking system: Dynamic braking via the drive motor plus electromechanical parking brakes that are applied automatically when the sensor handles are released. This ensures utmost safety for the operator when stopping the unit or during slow movement. Last but not least is the comprehensive safety package with multi-colour LED display for battery condition, the status & error signalling, and the emergency ‘Off’ button plus keyswitch – and of course, CE conformity in accordance with the Machine Directive 98/37/EC. LEO 750 improves in-house logistics, supports optimized operational planning, and thus contributes significantly to increased productivity.