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Nettuno Linea Rossa

Nettuno is the Italian leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hand-cleansers containing abrasive. 30 years experience and ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14000 certifications; it offers hand-cleansers in paste, cream, gel and liquid soap for heavy, medium and mild soiling, HACCP purposes, industrial and household use.

Nettuno reserach and experience has created Linea Rossa a new professional hand-cleaning line of products aimed at the most demanding users and devised to offer the most effective and strongest cleaning action, while soft to the hands and respectful to the environment. Innovative compound, top quality raw materials, greater know-how. Nettuno has applied the most recent knowledge in the cosmetics area to cleaning hands that work and has launched higher quality products onto the market.

Linea Rossa hand-cleansers also contain sericin, a special protein that covers silk fibres and provides important protection and nourishment due to its powerful hygroscopic properties; this protective film makes skin soft and velvety.

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