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Large plastic laser safety windows against 532nm and 1064nm

Plastic windows P2000 now also available in dimensions up to 915x1220mm²
LASERVISION’s orange brown P2000 plastic windows to protect for all popular YAG and the pump diode wavelength 808nm are now also available in dimensions larger than 610x915mm². The maximum dimension is already thereby corresponding with a size of more than DIN A0 and should therewith now suffice for almost all intended uses.
Is it possible to exclude a direct laser hit of the window or a direct reflection of the laser beam caused for example by a tilted workpiece so the installation of plastic laser safety windows in laser protection housings is also possible, if the optical density is high enough. Plastic windows have the advantage compared to mineral glas windows to be available in significantly larger dimensions. For many applications the largest size for plastic sheets is 610x915mm² or meanwhile 915x1220mm², while mineral glass windows certified with L protection levels are available depending on the wavelength only up to DIN A4 or 100x200mm².
At all popular YAG wavelengths LASERVISION’s P2000 shows a optical density of 5+ and at the classical Nd:YAG pump diode wavelength 808nm the OD is 3+. The visble light transmission is appr. 26%.
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LASERVISION as a leading manufacturer of laser protection products develops, manufactures, services and distributes CE certified laser safety goggles, curtains, small filters and cabin windows made of many different plastics and mineral glasses certified according to EN 207/208. Most of the standard products are additionally DIN GS tested and certified.