Latest biosecurity leaflet for poultry keepers

Everybody is concerned about the avian influenza (Bird flu). To help to a peace
of mind, a healthier flock and a more viable business the British Department
for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has published new information.

The information shows how to

  • Review and assess risks of disease with a vet.
  • Plan to manage any free range birds if there is a need to isolate them from
    wild birds.
  • Feed and water birds indoors where possible to reduce mixing between your
    birds and wild birds.
  • Practice good biosecurity.
  • Be vigilant and monitor the birds frequently.

Good biosecurity helps not only to keep out exotic poultry diseases such as
Avian flu; it limits the spread of diseases and helps to protect your
neighbours, public health and the countryside. And of course it improves
overall flock health, cuts costs of disease treatment; and reduces losses,
which could improve farm profitability.

Further info

AplusA-online.de - Source: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs