Latest results of a 'health and safety in SMEs' inquiry

The British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents's (RoSPA) National
Occupational Safety and Health Committee (NOSHC) are undertaking an Inquiry
into all the main activities in the UK to promoting and supporting better H&S
standards in SME's.

The aim is to chart fully everything that is happening in this field at present
and the extent to which it really does reach and help SMEs. NOSHC want to focus
on questions such as the quality of advice being given to small firms, how to
avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and duplication of effort, how to share good
practice and how to encourage greater collaboration between key players.
Besides building up a unique picture of current activity in this area, the
project will seek to spot missed opportunities and make imaginative
recommendations for action.

As a result the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents publishes a
report with the comment, that large organisations, which are committed to high
standards of health and safety at work, have strong reasons to support action
designed to raise H&S standards in smaller and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents