Leadership for the major hazard industries - Effective health and safety management

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published a guide for senior
managers to help them achieve the
continuous improvement in health and safety which should be a key objective of
every organisation. It helps industry leaders further improve the health and
safety performance of all major hazard industries, both on and offshore.

The booklet refers to 'senior managers'. By this are meant executive directors
and other managers reporting to board members whose position and
responsibilities have the potential for significant impact on the health and
safety performance of a business. The booklet is divided into four sections:

  • Health and safety culture
  • Leading by example
  • Systems
  • Workforce

Each section consists of brief key points, followed by a more detailed
explanation. These issues have been selected as being some of the more
important means of ensuring effective leadership but are by no means

The booklet aims to:

  • refresh your knowledge of effective health and safety leadership;
  • encourage you to reflect on your current approach; and
  • challenge you to continuously improve health and safety performance in your

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