Leaflet aims to help road haulage and distribution SMEs improve health and safety

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published a free guidance
leaflet aimed specifically at helping small and medium-sized road haulage and
distribution businesses tackle health and safety issues.

Produced in partnership with local authorities, professional bodies, employer
and employee representatives, the 11-page leaflet is designed to alert bosses
and workers to the main causes of injury and ill-health at work and to assist
them in recognising the activities most likely to lead to harm.

Many incidents can be prevented by simply examining what actually goes on in
the business, removing and controlling hazards as far as possible and taking
the necessary managerial and supervisory steps to make sure what is supposed to
happen does happen.

The leaflet sets out four major causes of fatalities in the road haulage and
distribution industry. These are:

- being struck by a moving vehicle;

- falling loads;

- falls from vehicles; and

- collapsing or overturning vehicles.

Similarly, more than seven out of ten major injuries are caused by four types
of incident: slips and trips; being struck by moving or falling objects; falls
from less than two metres; and manual handling. Most of these happen to drivers
during loading and unloading, though many slips occur during other work.

The leaflet poses some questions to drivers and other depot or delivery site
workers to get them thinking about risks they are exposed to and ways of
controlling potential hazards. Readers are also reminded of the legal
consequences of failing to manage risks.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)