EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Logistic sequences can now be optimized, because the future has arrived!

Thanks to the touch2move drive technology, transporting heavy goods up to 2 tons is not only more efficient, but also significantly safer.

Handling and manoeuvering heavy mesh pallets with workpieces and heavily loaded standard pallets normally involves considerable physical effort and a pallet jack. Moreover, they are difficult to move around corners and through narrow doors and entries.
Now, the patented, future-oriented touch2move drive technology from EXPRESSO in Kassel enables you to close the logistic gap between manual lifting & transporting of goods, and handling by means of forklifts.

For an extra plus in ergonomy and mobility

Simply be touching the sensor handles, the trolley – with a weight up to 2 tons – “obeys” the operator's natural movements, and automatically adapts to his/her walking speed. This is a highly convenient and safe solution that also enables persons with a less robust constitution to move heavy loads safely and ergonomically without physical effort – and the operator needs neither a driving license nor any special training.
What's more, it also improves your employee's motivation, and helps you comply with increasingly strict accident prevention regulations.
The touch2move drive concept can be fitted to practically to all four-wheel trolleys and other transport carts. This is made possible by the innovative FSR (force-sensing resistor) technology in the maintenance-free sensor handles, and the digitally controlled hub drive motors. Two maintenance-free 12 V gel-cell batteries supply the drive power for the motors. A special feature of gel-cell batteries is that they do not gas during charging, so that the vehicle can be parked anywhere for a recharge. In accordance with accident prevention regulations, trolleys with touch2move drives are classified as “walkie-type” transport vehicles, and have CE marking.

Outstanding handling characteristics

Difficult surfaces and tight curves are no problem for the touch2move. Hereby, the automatic speed control adapts continuously and smoothly to the user's individual requirements. Similarly, driving up or down ramps is an easy matter for transport trolleys fitted with touch2move drives. Hereby, two independent braking systems provide dual safety. Depending of the selected tyre configuration, the trolleys are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Transport trolleys fitted with touch2move drives improve your in-house logistics, help to optimize your operational planning, and thus contribute significantly to increased productivity.

EXPRESSO's drive technology is already being used successfully by suppliers to the automotive industry, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, public administrations, and in several other areas of industry.
With touch2move, EXPRESSO adapts technology to people, and not vice-versa!