Trans-Textil GmbH

Long-lasting optimised functions - Trans-Textil GmbH refines its multifunction concept

Application-oriented high-performance fabrics based on a perfect interplay of components and processing technologies are one of the main strengths of Trans-Textil GmbH. The Freilassing, Bavaria-based textile development, lamination, finish and coating specialist has refined a number of the components in its line-up and will be presenting the results in the personal protection equipment field at the A+A Safety + Health at Work show (hall 9, booth F03) this November. Its efforts in this respect have mainly been concerned with improving the permanence of product features and achieving a longer lifecycle for enhanced effectivity and efficiency.

"Thanks to recent additions to our product range, we are able to offer interesting alternatives for multifunctional clothing and devise solutions for all requirements on a flexible basis. In all this we attach greatest importance to ensuring that all the components of our fabric systems interact perfectly", says Sales Manager Ronald Ploderer. Topaz Bimicro, an unparalleled membrane involving two microporous components, is just one new addition to the company's broad array of membrane systems that will be placed on display at the show. The company will also be demonstrating its technological expertise with Topaz Airtouch, a novel coating that is applied directly to the membrane, thus reducing the weight of the garment system while protecting the membrane from wear and tear.

In the textile finish field, Trans-Textil is also going new ways with Topaz Clean4green, an innovative solution that does without silicone and halogen. The development team has also managed to significantly increase the permanence of the Topaz Dualguard finish by improving its repellence and wash-removal properties.

Advantages such as frequent washing without the need for subsequent impregnation, improved longevity of performance features and a longer garment system lifecycle stand for enhanced effectivity and efficiency, and yield significant benefits in terms of the sustainability and economy of Trans-Textil's multifunctional fabrics. "Our latest array of improvements enables us to provide users of protective clothing with additional advantages that exceed the requirements of various combined standards. It is our goal to gain mastery of every aspect of the production technology involved and thus ensure optimum results", continues the Sales Manager.

In enhancing its products, Trans-Textil GmbH keeps their intended applications firmly in its sights. Thanks to its flexible modular system of lamination processes, membrane technologies, textile finishes and coating types that all meet stringent protection requirements, it is able to offer track-tested, high-performance components for application areas such as weathergear, workwear, medical applications and industrial washing and finishing procedures.

Trans-Textil is certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. Its products all fulfil the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as well as the specifications of European standards for high-visibility warning clothing (EN 471), firefighting turnout gear (EN 469 / HuPF) and clothing providing protection from heat and flame (EN 11612), garments for protection against foul weather (EN 343) and cold (EN 342), protective clothing with antistatic properties (EN 1149), surgical gowns and drapes (EN 13795) and safety shoes (EN 344).