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Longer life for leasing shirts with “Vilene® X!treme” Interlining

Vilene® X!treme” - for Industrial Laundry is a newly developed interlining for industrially laundered workwear.
Shirts finished with “Vilene X!treme” show no deterioration in quality whatsoever even after countless industrial laundering, which also include drying in the tunnel finisher. Normally most conventional interlinings show signs of delamination after only a few washing cycles, as they are not specifically designed to withstand such severe industrial processing.

After years of intensive research Freudenberg Gygli offers a new generation of fusible Interlinings which have been specifically designed for the extreme/severe requirements of leasing systems. The lifespan of industrially laundered work clothes can be doubled, or even tripled, with the use of “Vilene X!treme” Interlinings.

„Vilene X!treme“ Interlinings fulfill the standard testing criteria specifically created for leasing laundry items – DIN EN ISO 15797. The corresponding Hohenstein Institute certificate also confirms that “Vilene X!treme” Interlinings have a high adhesive bond strength durability, easy reprocessing and would anticipate a leasing warranty of 50 washing cycles.

There are two woven interlinings and two non-woven interlinings on the market both in different weights. “Vilene X!treme” Interlinings have already been successfully used by various manufacturers. Experience has shown that “Vilene X!treme” improves the surface appearance of the fused areas and considerably reduces maintenance. The life of the processed garments was significantly prolonged.

Freudenberg Gygli, based in Zug, is a specialist for shirt interlinings and fusing presses. They offer high quality interlinings, various fusing presses and appliances for the clothing industry. Also on offer are other innovative products for the bonding of elastic textiles.

As part of the Freundenberg Group, Freudenberg Gygli is one of the leading suppliers of shirt interlinings world wide.

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