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Low-level order picker BT OPUS OL 20

BT launches new OPUS low-level order picker

The OPUS OL20 is the most advanced low-level order picker on the market, designed for intense picking in tough industrial environments. With a capacity of 2000kg, it is capable of handling four roll containers, or two pallets.

The OL20 has been designed to simplify the entire picking process by focusing on ease-of-use for the operator. This will result in higher productivity, with no compromise in safety and reliability.

A completely new and unique steering system called E-MAN is the key interface between operator and truck. A mini tiller arm offers power assisted steering that can be safely operated with only one hand. The whole arm unit can be set towards the right or left-hand sides of the truck body, to suit each operator and each operation. For example, in applications in which the picker needs to walk alongside the truck, the handle can be moved to the appropriate side.

The offset position of the tiller arm also makes reversing easier, as the operator can have the tiller arm at his or her side while turned to face the forks. The operator’s hand will never need to be outside the profile of the truck – a 60° movement in the tiller arm providing 100° of lock on the steering. For added safety and ease-of-use the tiller arm will always revert to the straight-ahead position when released. Furthermore, the electrical servo absorbs any shocks on the drive wheel to prevent any sudden movements of the tiller arm.

BT Powerdrive
OL20 also features BT Powerdrive, for high driving performance with smooth, effortless control. BT Powerdrive is a fully integrated drive system that has been created through the combination of several advanced design elements. Most components found in the drive system of traditional electric trucks have been eliminated. They are replaced by a simple on-board ‘brain’ that monitors and controls all performance aspects of the truck, and allows complex electrical cabling to be replaced by a simple CAN-bus control wire. The system is completed by separately excited motor technology to provide power efficiently.

Maximum speed is 12km/h, and is achieved very quickly – ideal for stop/start working. All performance parameters are programmable, and a PIN-code start-up facility provides extra security.
The OL20 is available with a built-in thin-client PC, for network connectivity into warehouse management systems. The unit is placed in front of the driver for easy access without compromising visibility. The truck also has an easy battery change system for multi-shift operations.