Nettuno s.r.l.

MACRO SYSTEM: A new dispenser for professional cleaning


The new MACRO DIVISION product line consists of three hand cleaners made to satisfy the most demanding professional users. It is a result of constant research that these products deliver a non irritant and effective, powerful cleansing action. The Macro hand detergent packing comes in refill cartridges, leading to overall savings and ease of usage. Further to the Macro System is a wall dispenser, a unique and innovative delivery system : the best that can be found on the market.


Liquid soap with olive extract
Pearly detergent suitable for delicate hands.
When used often will not irritate the skin, thanks to the natural protective action of the contained olive extracts.
Suggested for mild dirt.


Extra fluid cream with olive extract
The professional hand detergent par excellence - will attack the heavy dirt and grime without irritating the skin or hands.
It is designed for frequent use because the lipid hydro soluble layer obtained from the olive extracts, protects the skin in an effective , natural way.
Suggested for any type of dirt.


Nettungel orange with olive extracts
Hand detergent gel with the typical Citrus fruits solvent force to remove grease mitigated by the olive derivate emollient effect that allows several daily applications.
Suggested for grease removal.


Wall dispenser for MACRO products
It is essential to use the special Macro System dispenser to deliver the MACRO products. Easy to use and install anywhere. The dispenser sale is connected to the purchase of any other MACRO product.