MAIN GROUP Corporation S.r.l.

MAIN GROUP Corporation technology for direct injection onto uppers

The PRAGMA machines are the leaders in direct injection onto uppers.

These machines produce the best possible outsoles with the lowest investment, running and product costs that can be found.
All the PRAGMA machines are highly innovative, and use the INCOM PROCESS® injection system for the TPU or RUBBER moulding. They are extremely user friendly even for the less expert operators but technologically are in the forefront and produce the best quality products: insoles in expanded polyurethane, lightweight and comfortable; TPU or RUBBER outsoles with excellent performance, appearance and design.


• mould holder designed for working with combined materials (TPU-PU, PU-PU, RUBBER-PU) with 15 ton closing pressure
• Ring opening 160 mm
• Lasts opening 300 mm
• Piston stroke 60 mm
• Independent cycle setting for each station
• Independent thermoregulation of the mould
• Air blowing on dummy lasts to stabilise TPU soles
• Air blowing on the piston to aid sole extraction preventing deformation and guaranteeing top quality products

Control panel:
• Supervisor system in windows environment with standard HW and SW for interfacing with Microsoft computer systems and managerial systems

TPU injector with:
• Longer screw for better plasticising
• Injector advance with 5 speed inverter

PUR injector with:
• Longer screw for better mixing, 30-70 g/sec
• Mixing speed 19000 rpm

Rotary table:
• Rotary table with Maltese cross which gives very high rotation speed, with very smooth acceleration and braking and precise positioning, that is ideal with robotized systems