MSA alphaHUD Head-Up-Display


[ Hands-free Monitoring of SCBA Air Supply & Alarms ]

MSA’s new alphaHUD Head-Up-Display is the newest component of alpha Personal Network, the modular personal monitoring and alarm system with telemetric capabilities. alphaHUD provides hands-free monitoring of SCBA air pressure, evacuation and battery alarms. As a modular, compact and lightweight unit it can be easily installed on our Ultra Elite mask in seconds.

alphaHUD receives every second air pressure data from alphaMITTER, the transmitter located on the SCBA backplate. Since the wireless alphaHUD is not connected to a specific SCBA, units can be shared which results in significant investment savings for the fire brigade.

Two banks of LEDs on the left and right of your field of vision ensure balanced perception. They glow for two seconds and then gradually dim for eight seconds before glowing again. The LEDs also adjust automatically to ambient lighting conditions. This innovative system maximises non-obtrusive readability.
A blinking alarm signal called “buddy light” is also visible externally from both sides of the mask when air pressure drops on a dangerous level.

The hands-free alphaHUD monitoring improves operational efficiency and safety. In combination with chemical protection suits, where the ability to use a hand-operated gauge is limited, alphaHUD is indispensible. When used in conjunction with the alphaSCOUT and alphaBASE command communication option, the alphaHUD can also deliver an evacuation signal.

For further information about the alphaHUD please contact your local MSA representative.