Making the Office More Eco-Friendly

In the midst of managing air emissions, hazardous waste and industrial
effluent, one shouldn't forget to consider the environmental impact of everyday
office activities. Environmental Protection in corporation with Xerox Corp.
offers seven simple suggestions for protecting the planet through establishing
"green" office habits.

1. Use paper efficiently. Making two-sided prints and copies, printing multiple
images per page and printing on-demand -- creating documents only in the
quantity and at the time needed -- prevents waste and saves energy.

2. Recycle the paper you use, and use recycled paper. Install bins in several
office locations to make it easy to collect paper for recycling or for reuse as

3. Reach for the ENERGY STAR. Upgrading old products with new, more efficient
systems will save energy.

4. Replace stand-alone office products with multifunction systems.

5. Return print/copy cartridges and supplies for recycling.

6. Seek office equipment with remanufactured or recycled parts.

7. Use scan-to-file and scan-to-e-mail capabilities. Hardcopy documents can be
easily shared electronically using scanning features and software built into
office systems. By decreasing the need to fax or mail hardcopy documents, these
features help eliminate paper inventory, save phone and postage charges, and
minimize the environmental impact of delivering documents by air or ground

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