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Managing Consciousness

‘Managing Consciousness’ is a new way of achieving improvement in occupational health and safety. Based on the health and safety culture in companies and taking into account the basic principles of human behaviour, it shows how to motivate people towards a safe comportment and how to increase safety awareness in a sustainable way.

The ‘Managing Consciousness’ program for behavioural changes in the field of occupational health and safety consists of parts which can be suitably combined. It offers a variety of methods, such as different trainings, seminars and consulting; it provides special tools which enable motivating people, measuring and benchmarking safety culture.

Processes of change are usually measured only by hard factors; behaviour is difficult to be quantified. The BM Analysis enables us to combine the assessment of soft and hard factors, so the behavioural changes can actually be evaluated. It shows the initial situation as well as the subsequent improvement which occurs during the process.
The BM Coefficient makes it possible to benchmark the level of health and safety awareness among departments inside the company, or to compare it with that of leading companies.