Managing chronic illness at work

The University of Nottingham (Great Britain) has published a guide for
employers how to manage chronic illness at work. This guidance contains
information on how an organisation can support employees with chronic illness
and help them manage their condition at work. It is written for those involved
in the management of employees, such as line managers and people working in
Human Resources, Occupational Health and Health & Safety.

The guidance points out that supporting these employees can minimise potential
costs of long-term absence, staff turnover and loss of skills, and can
encourage productivity, job retention and quality of life. The cost in money
and time of any adjustments needed may be far less than that of recruiting a
new employee.

The guidance offers information on:

  • how to adopt a Disability Management approach
  • how to recognise the impact on colleagues
  • how to provide additional non-work-related support
  • how to review the absence/attendance management policy
  • how to provide training for managers
  • how to provide guidance for employees on self-management of chronic illness
  • how to put in place monitoring systems

Further Information:

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work