Managing health at work - Absence management

Absence management is a practice used with varying degrees of enthusiasm and
success across business and public services. Currently information on sickness
absence is collected in many different ways and there is a need for a
standardised recording system so that progress towards a target of reduced
sickness days can be measured. In addition, the development of such a tool
would allow the information to be used more effectively in monitoring
work-related sickness absence by bringing data together centrally and examining
trends in, for example, companies of different sizes or in different industry
sectors. This would, in turn, help inform decisions on relevant workplace
interventions to improve the work environment and help prevent work-related ill

A new report by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes the
work carried out by a project in three major areas:

  • research into current systems and issues around recording and analysing
    sickness absence data;
  • the development of a recording tool, classification scheme and guidance to
    assist in sickness absence management;
  • and a validation exercise to test and revise the recording tool,
    classification scheme and guidance materials.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)