Manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace

Manufactured nanomaterials are materials in which 50% or more of the
particles have one or more dimensions between 1 nm and 100 nm. The smallest nanoparticles
are comparable in size to atoms and molecules. Because of their properties,
nanomaterials may have a wide range of potentially toxic effects. It has been shown
that some, although not all, manufactured nanomaterials pose greater health risks
than the same material in bulk form.

Nanotechnology is developing quickly, as is knowledge about the risks involved.
Therefore, workers, employers, and safety and health professionals dealing with
nanoparticles in the workplace need to ensure that they keep up to date with
developments. A new infosheet 'Manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace' provides
information and advice on managing the risks posed by this fast-developing technology.
Nanomaterials are used in many fields and may have a range of toxic effects.
This new infosheet presents the key facts.

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