North Safety Products Europe B.V.

Master Edition Welding helmet

Imagine a welding helmet designed to personal preferences.
This new light weight welding helmet is made of Noryl for high durable and comfort.
The ADC auto darkning filter technology eliminates glare within the filter and has a Multi shade selection. The 3C free floating headgear is pliable, strip proof and has small incremental adjustments. The Master Edition will be supplied with a Slimline Safety Spectacle for free to give total eye protection at all times.

ADC Automatic Darkning Filter
[angular dependence compensation] Also filtering of light from different angles.

Advanced technology
Normal filters only operate well when looking straight into the light, but with ADC technology light from different angles is also filtered well.

Unique delay system
Eliminates glare in the weld after the process has stopped and the filter has returned to the open state

On/ off grinding facilty
Prevents auto darkning filter from closing in grinding mode

Sensitivity adjustment
Reduces unwanted opening/ closing of the filter by surrounding light eg. Another welder working at the next station.

Multi shade selection
6-8 and 9-13 for optimum adjustments