Sächsisches Textilforschungs- Institut E.V.

Measuring Instrument for testing of electrostatic properties

Measuring Instrument Type ICM-1 for testing of electrostatic properties of textiles and other materials according to Induction-Charging-Method

The measuring instrument ICM -1 measures the electrostatic dissipative properties of textile materials .

The time–related charge decay is measured in short and longtime period after a defined charging by an induction effect.

It can be used universal with both electrostatically homogeneous and in homogeneuos textile materials, which contain insulating and conductive fibres (as steel fibres/-threads; carbon fibres/-threads, core fibres)

It has been designed preferably for the testing of fabrics used for electrostatically dissipative protective clothing. Non-destroying testing on garments is possible.

The method also allows to measure other flat materials, as coated materials, films, paper, packaging materials, board-type materials. Measuring of specimens of bulk goods such as powders, granulates and liquids is possible by means a special specimen box.

Characteristic measured quantities are decay times (e.g. half decay time, time constant) and the electrostatic shielding factor for materials with conductive components.

The instrument works micropro-cessor–controlled and offers a high comfortable handling. It allows quickly and exact measurements with automatic computation and displaying of the measured quantities.