The brand new short-duration SCBA MicroMaXX is amazingly flexible and light and thus convenient for all sorts of activities associated with work and rescue. Its extremely low weight of less than 5 kg does not burden the user at all.

MicroMaXX is made up of a compact pressure reducer, a 3 litre composite cylinder, for a service time of approx. 15 minutes, the rugged demand valve AutoMaXX-N, a convenient multi-pass harness with integrated softbag, plus a full face mask. Choose either the novel mask Advantage 3000 or the worldwide proven mask 3S.

The multi-pass harness permits three different carrying modes, the functional hip carrying mode, the classic backpack mode and the practical carrying mode between the knees. The carrying modes can be shifted quickly and easily. For example on entering a narrow shaft or sewers the MicroMaXX with one adjustment can be lowered from the hip carrying mode down to the knees. If for instance the hip carrying mode is unsuitable due to wearing a tool belt, backpack-style shoulder carrying loops are easily made.

The innovative demand valve AutoMaXX-N can be disconnected, e.g. for testing. Its maintenance requirements are extremely low, for instance it does not even need any lubrication.

If MicroMaXX is carried but not used, the demand valve and mask are stowed in the water spray protected bag. Moreover, the complete appliance can be kept in an optional carrying case, or in quick-release holder on a wall or in a vehicle.