Microgard Limited

Microgard® FR & CFR Independently Tested by HSL

A recent report issued by The HSL (Health & Safety Laboratory) showed that Microgard® FR & Microgard® CFR limited life coveralls can be worn in flammable environments, in conjunction with flame retardant workwear to EN531, without compromising wearer protection.

The report titled, “Flammability of Coveralls for Offshore Use”, details the extensive testing conducted by HSL on limited life workwear from various manufacturers including Microgard®, DuPont™ and Orex.

HSL recommends, as a result of this testing, that “dual layers of coveralls (disposable worn over non-disposable) should not be worn in areas where flame retardant clothing is required unless BOTH coveralls are flame retardant”

A copy of the full report is available from www.hse.gov.uk/research

The Health and Safety Laboratory(HSL) is Britain's leading industrial health and safety facility with over 30 years of research experience across all sectors. Operating as an agency of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), they support the HSE mission to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.