Mobile phones - 'continue with caution'

A major report on the subject of possible adverse health effects associated
with the use of mobile phone technology published by the British National
Radiological Protection Board reiterates its previous advice that, with no
'hard evidence' of this, a precautionary approach should continue to be adopted.
The publication "Mobile Phones and Health. Report by the Board of NRPB" makes a
number of recommendations, including:

  • the provision of better comparative information on the SAR values of
    different phones to better inform consumer choice;
  • the monitoring of potential exposures from 3G base stations should be
    carried out concomitantly with the rollout of the network;
  • a formal inspection procedure should be set in place to ensure that
    exclusion zones around base stations are clearly identified; and
  • a continuing research programme on the possible health effects of mobile
    phone technologies should be strongly supported.

NRPB has also welcomed news of the work of the Institute of Occupational Health
(IOH) in Birmingham. Levels of occupational exposure to RF fields can be higher
than for members of the public and sometimes approach guideline levels. The IOH
are establishing a register of occupationally exposed people to facilitate the
determination of whether, occupationally, there are health effects from
exposure to RF fields not observed in the general public.

Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the NRPB, said: "The fact is that the
widespread use of mobile phones is a relatively recent phenomenon and it is
possible that adverse health effects could emerge after years of prolonged use.
The evidence base necessary to allow us to make firm judgements has not yet
been accumulated. What we can say is that there is as yet no hard evidence of
adverse health effects on the general public, but because of the current
uncertainties we recommend a continued precautionary approach to the use of
mobile phone technologies. This approach should be adopted by all involved in
this area ­ including government, the mobile phone industry and all who choose
to purchase a mobile phone for themselves, or their family, or their children".

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