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More than just a fitting bus

Bata-adapt fitting bus

Since June 2009, Bata Industrials has had its own fitting bus in the Benelux. This mobile measuring centre supports the Bata-adapt service concept. This is a real relief for anyone whose foot problems form a hindrance to their health, comfort and safety on the work floor.

The Bata-adapt specially equipped fitting bus will travel to on-site locations to help solve individual foot problems. In addition to various Bata safety shoes in a variety of widths, socks and inlay soles, the bus is also equipped with specialised equipment, such as a 2D foot scanner. In addition to a description of the symptoms, customer’s wishes and the scan results, a suitable solution will also be presented to those visiting the fitting bus.

Bata even has solutions for difficult feet
When physical symptoms cannot be alleviated with the standard series, Bata can also offer the option of having customised orthopaedic or semi-orthopaedic inlay soles made. In the event severe medical foot problems are discovered, customers will be referred to podologists or podotherapists in their local region.

Be sure to come have a look at the Bata-adapt fitting bus during the A+A exhibition (stand FG04-02: behind hall 4), or contact our Customer Service department by telephone +31 (0)499 362 248 for further information on the possibilities.