NEW: OptimAir 3000 EX

OptimAir 3000

[ PAPR for potentially explosive environments ]

With the new OptimAir 3000 EX, MSA completes its range of Powered Air Purifying Respirators. The ATEX approved version of the successful OptimAir 3000 family is designed to protect users in gas [II 2G Ex ib IIB T4] and dust [II 2D Ex ibD 21 T130°C] potentially explosive areas.

OptimAir 3000 EX keeps the same features like the existing versions and can be used with the full range of existing headpieces and accessories of the OptimAir 3000 system. In addition, the unique one-click battery change has been secured in order to prevent the improper use of a standard battery on an ATEX blower.

With this new PAPR, OptimAir 3000 is the most advanced and comprehensively designed system.

OptimAir 3000 is driven by a powerful, ultra low profile blower. It is an easy-to-use system featuring self-diagnostic microprocessor management without systematic calibration procedure, electronic airflow control based on a patented design. The unambiguous display shows battery status in 5 levels [LED and acoustic signals] and visible warnings in real-time. Face pieces, e.g. full face masks, hoods, visors, are automatically recognized and the system is ready for use instantly. Another High-Tech feature is the use of the TabTec® technology, a unique compact filter system for easy handling and minimization of cost-of-ownership.

OptimAir 3000 is also well protected, against dust and water [IP 54], including use in decontamination showers without extra accessories. Its robust construction permits usage in different applications, like asbestos abatement, HazMat cleanup, landfills, power plants, chemical industries, handicraft and agriculture.

OptimAir 3000 is a truly versatile unit, available in various configurations:
- OptimAir 3000, OptimAir 3000 A [high flow kit] and OptimAir 3000 EX
- Different versions of batteries and chargers
- Various head tops [full face masks, hoods, hooded helmet, welder’s screen, visor]
- Unique stackable filter system, allowing the use and the combination of particle and A or ABEK specific filters

OptimAir 3000 is the optimal choice for all your challenges.