NEW: Modular Industrial SCBA System


[ For every application the optimal breathing apparatus model ]

MSA announces a new SCBA system specifically created for the industrial areas like agriculture, chemical, waste management, refrigeration, offshore, oil refineries and maritime. In order to fulfill the needs of this diverse markets the MSA SCBA system can be completely customised. Using an interactive configurator, available online or per CD-ROM, a customer can built its individual breathing apparatus. Users compare and choose from a selection of back plates, harnesses, pneumatic systems, rapid cylinder exchange couplings and electronic components. A 3D visualisation of the customised system is automatically updated.

MSA additional provides ‘presets’ for those users who don’t want to configure their own SCBA system. Based on its long-term breathing protection experience, MSA has created three presets – AirGo pro, AirGo compact and AirMaXX – for the most common applications.

The allrounder “AirGo pro” is the most versatile system and can be used in a broad range of maintenance and emergency situations. Its rugged reliability, flexibility and great value make it a popular choice for plant, sub-surface or offshore use. Weight is distributed evenly and kept close to your body to reduce stress and fatigue. The alpha SingleLine pneumatic system integrates warning signal, second connection and gauge in an easily accessible manifold at your chest. The optional alpha Personal Network offers extended electronic and telemetric monitoring and communication capability.

For emergency response and escape operations the preset "AirGo compact" provides superior protection in the budget range. The lung governed demand valve AutoMaXX-AS is fixed to the medium pressure line. The vital pneumatic and carrier components are the same as those used in the high-end MSA presets, making AirGo compact a fully-fledged device for the toughest applications including firefighting.

The preset "AirMaXX" offers maximum wearing comfort and technological sophistication for frequent and demanding use. The ergonomically designed and optimally balanced AirMaXX backplate is adjustable to fit all body sizes. This works in conjunction with the premium S-swing shoulder pads and swivelling hip belt to distribute weight evenly while increasing freedom of movement.

Further information about the MSA industrial SCBA system can be found at www.msa-scba.com or directly from your local MSA representative