MSA announces the next generation of fully automatic test bench called SmartCHECK. The compact and portable SmartCHECK performs a complete range of tests for: full face masks, lung governed demand valves, compressed air breathing apparatus and chemical protective suits according to EN and local standards i.e.VFdB.

SmartCHECK features an integrated state-of-the-art computer system with touchscreen. As the computer is standardized you can upgrade when necessary in the future. The transponder reader and the additional internal storage medium for data backup ensure efficiency and safety.
The integrated software TecBOS.Tech with Wizard, an intelligent assistant, allows intuitive operation. The user is guided step by step through the smart test-process. At every step, original photos of the test sequence are shown. Untrained people can also operate SmartCHECK, as it is almost impossible to use incorrectly.

SmartCHECK is a modular system. The basic module offers all standard static tests for low and medium pressure. Depending on your needs you can enhance your SmartCHECK with the following modules: variable artificial lung, automatic high pressure control, suction, safety valve testing and second test head.

MSA is the only full-service provider of personal safety equipment worldwide that offers in-house test bench and software capability. This puts us in an exclusive position to provide full quality assurance for the entire spectrum of professional safety management. SmartCHECK is MSA’s latest development in modular testing and equipment management system solutions. It will be available in 2008.

For further information about the SmartCHECK please contact your local MSA representative.