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NOMEX® Limitedwear Offers Top Thermal Protection for Short-Term Wear

Dupont NOMEX® Limitedwear

NOMEX® Limitedwear, the latest innovation from DuPont Personal Protection, provides permanent thermal protection against intense heat and flame in workwear designed for a short wear-life.

That apparent contradiction between permanence and impermanence, between permanent, built-in thermal protection and limited use, is the principal strength of NOMEX® Limitedwear. Building on its 30 years of experience in providing a very high level of long-term protection to workers routinely exposed to the risks of extreme heat and flame in the form of NOMEX® protective apparel, DuPont Personal Protection offers the same high level of thermal protection in workwear designed for short-term use.

NOMEX® Limitedwear combines DuPont’s excellent experience in thermal technology with its expertise in nonwoven fabrics to produce cost-effective coveralls for temporary and contract workers exposed to the hazards of flash fires, as well as visitors to
hazardous sites. The coveralls, including sewing thread and zipper, are made of 100% inherently flame-resistant NOMEX® brand fibre and offer a degree of protection never before available in protective apparel designed for short-term wear. NOMEX® Limitedwear can be worn and washed typically up to ten times, without losing any of
its fire resistant/thermal protection properties, after which the garment is discarded.

Excellent protection and comfort

NOMEX® Limitedwear is designed to be worn comfortably over street-wear or work clothes. It provides reliable protection against thermal risks, as well as dirt, for those employed on maintenance or construction jobs in dangerous areas, for disaster-relief
workers, for crews on oil rigs, etc - any situation that carries a risk of exposure to hazardous heat and/or contamination.

Historically, short-term protective coveralls have been cumbersome and uncomfortable, compromising workers’ mobility and effectiveness and offering inadequate thermal protection. NOMEX® Limitedwear does not only provide the high level of permanent thermal protection synonymous with NOMEX®, but also is extremely lightweight, breathable, flexible and comfortable. It enhances, rather than
inhibits, workers’ comfort and safety.

An important addition to NOMEX® protective solutions

NOMEX® Limitedwear, produced by DuPont Personal Protection to the highest DuPont safety and quality standards, meets the requirements of EN531 for thermal protection. The garments, which have been tested on THERMO-MAN®, DuPont’s advanced thermal injury evaluation system, surpass the flame resistance of garments made of treated materials.

“NOMEX® Limitedwear is a totally new and strongly differentiated offering,” says Paul Clow, regional manager Europe for NOMEX® Protective Apparel Solutions. “It is an excellent complement to the range of durable NOMEX® protective apparel systems, manufactured under the strict controls of the NOMEX® Licensing Programme.”

These specialised NOMEX® protective garments, mostly worn by firefighters, armed forces personnel, and workers in the petroleum, petrochemical and public utility industries, are made of high-tech woven or knitted fabrics and offer high wear-life – up to 15 years in certain cases. NOMEX® Limitedwear, on the other hand, offers
excellent protection in low-cost nonwoven garments designed to be worn over a short period of time.

NOMEX® Limitedwear is the latest example of DuPont Personal Protection’s proactive approach to the market, which results in innovative products and systems that both anticipate and fulfill end-user needs.

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