Negotiating smoke-free workplaces - a guide for union representatives

In the UK around a quarter of workers smoke, although not necessarily in the
workplace, where there has been a steady move towards smoking restrictions over
the past twenty years. As a result most workers already work in a "smoke-free" environment. However, around two million people in Great Britain still work in
workplaces where smoking is allowed throughout, and another ten million in
places where smoking is allowed somewhere on the premises. Nicotine is
extremely addictive and many smokers find adjusting to smoking restrictions

In Summer 2007 legal restrictions on smoking in workplaces and public places
will be introduced in England. It is likely that similar legislation will be
implemented in Wales. Scotland already has legislation prohibiting smoking in
the workplace.

Safety representatives and stewards should not wait until then before
negotiating smoke-free agreements. A new guide, published by the British Trades
Union Congress, covers what the new laws say, and what union representatives
need to do now.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: British Trades Union Congress