Network of Environmental Professionals - 11 Organizations decide on their co-operation at the VDI head office in Düsseldorf

Representatives from eleven engineering organizations from nine European
countries have decided to co-operate in the European Federation of Associations
of Environmental Professionals (EFAEP). The meeting took place at the VDI head
office in Düsseldorf on December 10th , 2002. The VDI-Coordinating Centre for
Environmental Technologies (VDI-KUT) as well as the associations AFITE from
France and VVM from The Netherlands representing together 10.000 environmental
experts, had already led the way in November.

EFAEP aims at promoting the co-operation between various European institutions
and environmental experts. One of its tasks is making European standardizing
bodies and agencies more known to the public. Further training of environmental
experts and information of the public is another of EFAEP’s priorities.

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