Balder Ltd.

New ADC plus technology

Our "New Generation" of autodarkening welding filter incorporates advanced Angular Dependence Compensation plus (ADC plus) technology, and uses a revolutionary concept of liquid crystals. The premise is based on High Twist Light Shutter technology (HTLS), together with optimization of other parts of optical assembly allowing for substantially improved angular dependence.

With this new ADC plus technology, Balder gained the DIN Plus certificates with best possible optical test results (1/1/1/1) for the whole range of ADC plus products and it is the only manufacturer on the world, who has achieved the highest possible optical class 1, on a new valid standard EN379.

The advantage of the new filter with ADC plus compared to those with standard technology is a uniform shade level over all of the viewing area, without noticeable and annoying brighter or darker lines on the upper and lower parts of the said viewing area; observed within ± 30° to the normal to the filter.