SFS Safety-Flooring Systems

New Antislip Solutions from SFS

A new extensive product family of anti-slip solutions for problematic surfaces will be presented by the anti-slip specialist SFS on the A&A exhibition in Düsseldorf from 27.10 to 30.10.2003.
On many surfaces, e.g. in outside or industrial application, standard self-adhesive anti-slip coverings cannot or only under great difficulties be mounted. Due to this fact two product families have been developed which can be mounted extremely easy by simply screwing them on the floor.
Safety-Stair profiles are made of stainless steel with an antislip covering made of mineral grain size, available in the qualities universal (e.g. for outside applications), coarse ( e.g. for industrial application), black-yellow or black-luminating-yellow. The later can also be mounted as an escape routes . Furthermore, profiles with warning text are available as well.
Another remarkable feature of these profiles in contrast to standard aluminium profiles is the better resistance to influences of weather (salt) and chemicals.
Typical surfaces for safety-stair profiles are concrete, wood as well as all outside surfaces.
The profiles can be provided as flat stair profiles or as stair-edge-profiles. Apart from two standard dimensions any special dimension can be produced. With special fastening material these profiles are also mountable to gratings.
For indoor application the Safety-Stair Step Profile is available with an anti-slip insole in black, black-yellow, black-fluorine-yellow long lasting after-glowing or only long lasting after-glowing. This product can both be screwed as well as be glued, e.g. to tiles or natural stone.
All products meet the requirements of BGR 181 and BGR 216 (German Safety Regulations).