SFS Safety-Flooring Systems

New Antislip Solutions from SFS

Long lasting luminating close to floor safety control and instrumentation according to BGR 216 (German Safety Regulations)- now also with anti-slip surface- later installation easy to do!
For easy to glue surfaces in indoor application a concerning the colour equivalent product family as self-adhesive film can be provided.
Safety-Floor anti-slip warning markings are available in various forms (stripes, circles, slabs, spots, feet, arrows). Apart from the neutral black-yellow colours after-glowing versions for the marking of escape and emergency routes in accordance with BGR 216 can also be supplied. The peculiarity here is that for the first time both the requirements of BGR 216 (close to floor control and instrumentation systems) and of BGR 181 (work fields with an increased danger of skidding) are fulfilled.
Taking into consideration that the market usual after-glow films are not suitable for the application in floor areas, the additional mounting of an anti-slip layer at Safety-Floor anti- slip warning markings is of great importance, since these are non-slippery according to BGR 181. The result: In case of escape or light failure the ways on the floor are not only marked but dangerous places like steps are also non-slippery .These solutions meet the minimum requirement of BGR 216. They also represent the most economic way of especially the later installation at escape routes because they are just glued on the floor .