New Disease Reduction Programme website

Workplace exposure to substances, including chemicals and dusts, can cause
pain, suffering, ill health and sometimes death.

The aim of the British Disease Reduction Programme (DRP) is to reduce ill
health that results from failures to properly control hazardous or dangerous
substances in the workplace by encouraging healthier working practices,
reducing exposure to potentially harmful substances including chemicals and
dusts and ultimately reducing the cases of work-related ill health.

The Disease Reduction Programme is part of the "Fit for work, Fit for life,
Fit for tomorrow” Strategic Programme (Fit3).

Priority areas of the Disease Reduction Programme

Disease Reduction Programme aims to focus on 3 priority areas:

  • Skin disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Cancer

These three priorities are within a varied range of occupations and workplaces
including hairdressers, maintenance workers, the health services, the catering
industry, motor vehicle repairers and construction. In each of these areas the
Disease Reduction Programme is targeting specific industries based on the best
available evidence in respect of the size of the problem.

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