New Guide on 'Safe Working on Delivery'

The British Communication Workers Union (CWU) have launched a new "CWU Safe
Working on Delivery Guide". The purpose of this Safe Working On Delivery Guide
is to help ensure the risks to health and safety on Delivery work are properly
controlled and to achieve a reduction in accidents at work, stress and ill
health within Royal Mail Letters Delivery in order that fewer numbers of
members get hurt as they go about their daily business and can perform their
walk more effectively. To be successful in this, it is essential that the
parties involved, Royal Mail Letters and the CWU work together in order to
achieve these aims, listening to one another and becoming problem solvers,
deploying safety improvements, active compliance with risk control measures and
safe systems of work.

Delivery Office Managers, working with CWU Health and Safety Representatives
and Delivery Staff is the best way of realising health and safety benefits. We
need everybody to play their part in keeping the walk logs complete and
up-to-date, and ensuring the information is used, to protect yourself and your

The guide contains detailed information on the following topics:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Workplace and Workplace Safety Inspections

  • Walk routes and Walk Risk Assessments

  • Safe Systems of Work

  • Welfare facilities & Toilets

  • Training

  • Trolleys

  • Clothing and Footwear

  • Avoiding Assaults

  • Avoiding Slips & Trips

  • Avoiding Driving Accidents


AplusA-online.de - Source: Communication Workers Union