New Health Hazard Evaluation Reports for the Construction Sector: Evaluations of exposure to respirable silica and noise

The US-American Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) program responded to a union
request at three roofing companies. The request concerned workers' exposure to
dust and noise during saw cutting of cement roofing tiles. Testing showed that
workers were overexposed to silica and noise during saw cutting of cement
roofing tiles. Most of the roofers had normal lung function, but lung function
decreased with increased years of performing dry-cutting of cement roofing
tiles. HHE program investigators recommended that managers implement
engineering controls and work practice controls to reduce airborne silica
levels. Recommendations were also made regarding implementing mandatory
respiratory protection programs and hearing conservation programs. The final
reports are available.

Report 2005-0030-2968

Report 2005-0031-3055

Report 2005-0032-2985

AplusA-online.de - Source: National Institute of Occuaptional Safety and Health