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New High Strength Plastic Click Lock Buckle

New High Strength Plastic Click Lock Buckle

Following extensive product testing and trials Makefast have launched the new and innovative high strength plastic safety buckle.

This new product, developed in house at Makefast, surpasses all competitive buckles in both security and load capacity.

Using a revolutionary doube action locking system, the buckle cannot be accidentaly opened, so providing a new level of security in the plastic buckle market. Furthermore, in independent load tests, the Makefast buckle surpassed all other competitve products by a margin of 25% or more, with a rated breaking load exceeding 200kg.

The buckle has a huge range of potential applications, from harnesses to lifejackets, and for the first time offers a genuine plastic alternative to the traditional metal buckle.

For further details contact our sales team either by email or by telephone on +44 (0) 1686 629010.