New Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Status Report for policy makers

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published the
conclusions of its latest review of European countries' preparedness for an
influenza pandemic. The "Policy Makers' Report" gives conclusions from a longer
ECDC "Technical Report", which will be published in the coming weeks. Its
findings are based on visits by ECDC led teams to all 27 EU Member States plus
the three EEA/EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and a review
of these countries' preparedness that took place at an EU/WHO Workshop in
September this year. The key conclusion is that Europe is arguably the best
prepared region in the world. However, a further two to three years of
sustained effort and investment are needed to achieve the level of preparedness
needed to respond well to a pandemic. This is in line with the findings of an
interim report on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in the EU published by ECDC
in February 2007.

At the request of Commissioner Kyprianou ECDC has prepared a comprehensive
report on the level of pandemic preparedness in the European Union and EEA as
of early autumn 2007.

This is based on:

  • A survey of progress against the ECDC preparedness indicators as of September
    2007 giving aggregated results

  • Recent national self-assessment visits to EU and EEA Member

  • What was reported at the 4th European Pandemic Preparedness Workshop
    September 25th-17th 2007) organised by the European Commission (C3 Health
    Threats Unit) with ECDC and WHO's European Regional Office

The Report updates and expands on an earlier report on preparedness status in
the Autumn of 2006 and is available in the following versions:

  • a concise Report for Policymakers looking both at what more needs to be done
    and what broadly has been achieved since the First European workshop

  • the Communication from the European Commission and WHO's new planning
    guidance in 2005

  • a fuller Technical Report which in particular give indications of what
    further work countries are reporting needs to be done in the next few years.

An article concerning these reports also appears in Eurosurveillance.

In addition there will be shortly a web-based publication on the examples of
good practice  and innovations that were put forward by Member States at the
4th European Pandemic Preparedness Workshop. More details of some of these are
also available on the ECDC Pandemic Preparedness Innovation Pages.

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