New OSH website for micro-enterprises in Poland

The Polish Central Institute for Labour Proction has released a new website
dedicated to micro-enterprises.

It has the objective of providing access to information on safety and health in
the working environment to the smallest and most numerous companies in Poland.
Since it should compensate for the lack of materials for self-education on the
above topic for the individual types of commercial activities, it has been
prepared in the form of sets of informative and popular materials for each of
the selected sectors. The materials that have been put together in this service
are therefore organised by sector for various sections of the national
economy. The information contained in it allows employers to independently
assess the state of occupational safety in their enterprises.

It contains a discussion of the basic duties of employers in the area of
occupational safety and health. The OSH check lists contain a summary of
potential hazards that could appear in the companies of a given sector,
together with proposals of methods for eliminating or reducing them.

For example for:

  • construction
  • wood processing
  • automotive mechanics
  • food processing

The materials also contain the necessary references to the OSH related legal
regulations and technical standards being in force in Poland.

Further Information

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