Marquardt + Schulz / HTS Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

New PPE catalogue

Fresh from the press: the catalogue for personal protective clothing lists a broad product range in all price categories. Coloured illustrations and detailed photographs as well as product texts provide concrete details about the clothing's specific characteristics.
There is a corresponding clothing solution to meet security personnel's every need. Regardless if it is welding, weather or chemical protection - all of the articles are characterised by extreme durability, functionality and absolute norm conformity. Multifunctionality, in other words protection against different dangers, is a priority at Marquardt+Schulz. Since the multi-functional clothing meets up to 5 norms at once, the wearer does not need to change clothes between tasks. Both boco und Marquardt+Schulz can guarantee this kind of safety because they work exclusively with renowned certified suppliers such as GORE-TEX, 3M, Klopmann, Ibena or Dupont.
The PPE catalogue provides a special service by giving an overview of all of the important protective functions and explaining the norms in a clear and comprehensive fashion.
But professional work protection goes one step further. Special accessories that are worn directly on the body provide even more tangible safety. To meet these needs, boco and Marquardt+Schulz also offer a complementary catalogue which includes accessories ranging from head protection gear to working shoes.