New Suspension Trauma Lanyard

Suspension Trauma Lanyard

heightec Received a British Safety Industry Federation Award for its New Suspension Trauma Lanyard

The suspension trauma lanyard features the only integral, automatically deploying footloop available on the market. Able to provide immediate relief to a suspended person to prevent the onset of suspension trauma. The product is small, light and totally unobtrusive. Being integral to the energy absorbing lanyard, it cannot be lost, forgotten or incorrectly fitted. In the event of a fall the user can simply place one or both feet into the loop. Adjustment, if necessary, is a single handed, single action operation.

“Suspension trauma is a current issue in the work at height industry. Virtually anyone who wears a harness at work may be at risk of suspension trauma (Harness Induced Pathology). The new Suspension Trauma LanyardTM is a big leap forward in reducing the risks associated with becoming suspended after a fall or even during a normal work related task.“ said Bob Murdoch, Sales Manager. “We are extremely pleased to receive recognition for this latest innovation which has a World Patent currently pending”.

The HSE commissioned a research report on suspension trauma which runs over 100 pages. With the advent of the Work at Height Regulations 2005, companies are reviewing their procedures and taking measures to limit the risk of suspension trauma. Many have issued footloops to staff which are separate additions to harnesses, which must be deployed by the user. This can at best difficult and at worst impossible, particularly when the user would already be in some discomfort and have possible injury.

To rescue a person suspended on a lanyard, heightec offers ScaffPackTM. This is a compact, self contained rescue system which allows a casualty to be recovered by a single rescuer, by controlled lowering or raising.

The Innovation Award is given where a product or service gives evidence of a unique concept, design or performance or the innovative use of existing technology which is newly applied to occupational safety and health.

For more information call Bob Murdoch on 01539 728866.