New WHO occupational health website

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a new occupational health
website, in English, French and Spanish.

According to WHO workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses remain at
unacceptably high levels and involve an enormous and unnecessary health burden,
suffering, and economic loss amounting to 4­5% of GDP. According to the latest
ILO estimates for the year 2000 there are 2.0 million work-related deaths per
year. WHO estimates that there are only 10-15% of workers who have access to a
basic standard of occupational health services.

WHO addresses occupational health through a programme in WHO headquarters, the
six WHO regional offices and WHO country offices, with the support of a strong
network of 70 Collaborating Centers.

WHO is implementing a global strategy to:

  • provide evidence for policy, legislation and support to
    decision-makers, including work carried out to estimate the magnitude of the
    burden of occupational diseases and injuries
  • provide infrastructure support and development through capacity building,
    information dissemination and networking, and
  • support protection and promotion of workers' health.

WHO also assists countries to develop or upgrade their national occupational
health profiles and action plans and to create the capacity to implement the

WHO has a particular focus on strengthening capacity building activities,
particulary on practical solutions, and to enhancing work addressing selected
priority groups, such as health care workers.

Between 2001-2004 WHO developed and implemented a workplan in collaboration
with the WHO Network of Collaborating Centres. The workplan organizes the
Collaborating Centers into 15 Task Forces that carry out projects in priority
areas, supporting the implementation of the global strategy.

The website features:

  • Occupational health topics
  • Activities
  • Publications
  • Events

and offers an occupational health newsletter.

Further Information

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