New Web Site Showcases International Innovative Environmental Solutions

A new Web site offers environmental policies and best practices from countries
around the world.

The online global library provides links to journals, databases, guidelines,
programs and case studies involving innovations in air, toxics, waste and water
issues, as well as multi-media approaches, such as Environmental Management
Systems, sustainable transport, smart growth and industrial ecology.

It provides examples of state and local partnerships with other countries and
regions that have resulted in creative - environmental solutions in the United
States such as:

  • constructed wetlands to treat wastewater;
  • green buildings and renewable energy to address climate and air pollution;
  • industrial ecology to support pollution prevention and brownfields
  • a list of fellowships for group and individual exchanges; and
  • a number of resources on evaluating international initiatives.

The library will help state and local governments, federal agencies,
non-governmental organizations, as well as other countries learn from these

The Web site is a gateway to information and resources on innovative
environmental projects and programs from around the world. In responding to
complex environmental challenges, many member countries of the Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have devised innovative and often
highly successful solutions. As U.S. states and cities seek out new approaches
to urban sprawl, non-point source pollution, brownfields, and degraded water
infrastructure, they often look to the experiences of other countries as a
source of inspiration and to integrate international lessons learned. These
exchanges have resulted in innovative initiatives with environmental and
economic benefits at the state and local level.

This site provides the following resources:

  • Key Resources in Environmental Learning highlights international government
    agencies and NGOs that develop and share innovative environmental policies and
  • International Innovations in Key Environmental Issues provides information
    on innovative international programs and practices that focus on addressing
    challenges by topical area.

    • Air/ Climate Change
    • Chemicals/Toxic Substances
    • Waste
    • Water

  • International Experiences with Multi-Media Approaches provides information
    on innovative international programs and practices that apply cross-cutting
    approaches to environmental issues .

    • Environmental Management Systems
    • Industrial Ecology, Eco-efficiency and Cleaner Production
    • Sustainable Transport and Mobility Management
    • Urban Management, Sustainable Development and Smart Growth

  • Examples of U.S.-International Partnerships is a collection of partnership
    experiences that states, regions, and cities have had with foreign counterparts
    on sharing best practices and innovations in environmental policies and methods.
  • International Exchanges identify opportunities for learning from abroad and
    past success stories.

    • Individual Exchanges
    • Group Exchanges

  • International Program Evaluation is a gateway to environmental program
    evaluation information and resources in the United States and abroad.

Most of these sections provide the following information:

  • Innovative programs and policies
  • Tools and Guidelines
  • Databases and Case Studies
  • Newsletters, Publication Collections and Reports of Interest

Further Information

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